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This $370,000 Hennessey Ford Raptor is MASSIVE...Larger Than a Mercedes 6x6

Ale, can you please check this out?! Trade in your new raptor for a 6x6! Video from Effspot


Lexus has spent 15 years trying to create a new paint finish for its cars that is more 'blue' than anything ever seen before.

Introducing the Lexus LC Structural Blue edition | Experience Amazing Just as the wonder of nature’s colours can make us stop and stare in admiration, Lexus has produced a dazzling new shade that will make its new LC luxury coupe stand out from every other car on the road. NATURE’S...


The Pope receives his special edition Lamborghini Huracán, signs and blesses it.

Lamborghini gave Pope Francis keys to a sleek special edition Huracan that will be auctioned off for charities, including one aimed at helping rebuild Christian communities in Iraq that were devastated by the Islamic State group.

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991.1 GT3 gets 10yr/120k engine warranty

Official Announcement from Porsche "Porsche will extend the warranty on the engine of all 991.1 generation GT3 vehicles in all markets with respect to failure modes related to this issue. The extension will provide coverage for 10 years from the original in-service date, or 120,000 total vehicle miles, whichever occurs...

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What is your opinion on the 2017 Audi v10 plus?

I used to work at Audi. The R8 is the only Audi I would buy. I'm a huge fan of luxury cars. Unfortunately, Google Earth wasn't turned on in the Virtual Cockpit.