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Why is it that so many supercars/hypercars have a top speed of 217mph?

Is there any specific reason why so many supercars and hypercars have a top speed of 217mph?

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Is Mercedes bringing back the "black series" version of their cars?

This C63 with a big wing on the back has been rumored to be called the C63R, which fits with the AMG GTR being the best version of the AMG GTS. Is Mercedes going to make a C63R and then make a new C63 black series?

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'My gas pedal is stuck' BMW driver tells 911 as he barrels down interstate at nearly 100 mph

When authorities tried to slow down the car using spiked stop sticks, Cooper avoided them, the highway patrol reported. The officials tossed out stop sticks again, blowing out the right two tires, which slowed the car down to about 60 mph, the highway patrol said. Dashcam video released by the...