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Salomondrin Polos In Stock Ova Heeeeeeee!!!

Maybe I just missed this, but there are a couple new polo shirts for sale on the site, and at a very reasonable price!!


3 P1's and 2 Centinario's Under One Roof??

I stopped by Lamborghini Newport Beach yesterday and was absolutely blown away from their inventory! They had 2 silver P1's, a red carbon fiber P1, a Centinario coupe AND roadster, not to mention so many performantes and 720s' that I lost count!


Unveiling The New Chiron Sport

It's now 80kg lighter thanks in part to a new exhaust system!! Not the 1800hp upgrade we were expecting, but it's soemthing we'll be seeing in due time! What do you guys think??


Mansory Back At It Again With the 812 Superfast!!!

What do you guys think?? I think its an awesome rendition of an already beautiful car, it almost doesnt look like a ferrari anymore!



Hey guys I know I talk about my cars a lot but I've never posted a picture, so I figured there's no time like now! My 1978 450SL stays in the garage to keep its 90k miles down minus for a small trip to the store once or twice a...


Has Tavarish caught Hoovie Fever?!?!

Do any of you guys watch Tavarish's channel? He recently Purchased a 2008 Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder sight unseen, with a salvage title, red wheels and a twin turbo kit good for over 1000hp for $60k. What do you guys think? Worth the trouble?? How much do you think it would...

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Congrats Ale on 999,000 subscribers!!!! I dont even have a freaking youtube account and im still tracking your success! Ive been watching since well before you got your huayra and I love everything and everyone that had made this community what it is! Gonna party tonight when you hit 1,000,000????!??!


F50 Anybody??

I saw this gorgeous 1-349 Ferrari F50 at the La Jolla Councours last summer. The carbon weave was easily visible under the paint and I just couldn't believe how low the car was! Nothing like a N/A 4.7L V12 with a 6-speed manual and RWD!


Just had this crazy (high)dea...

I was thinking about it, and wouldn't Christian Von Koenigsegg make a badass James Bond villain?? *007 Strapped to a chair with a giant Koenigsegg branded diamond-encrusted space laser burning dangerously close to his balls* "Do you expect me to talk?!" "No Mr Bond, I expect you to DIE." *Christian...