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Mclaren F1 Long Tail Street Legal For sale

How much do you guys think this car will sell for?  Do you think Ale would ever get this over the Chiron he wants?  Most likely out of the budget.  http://www.tomhartleyjnr.com/used/1997/classic/mclaren/1997-classic-mclaren-moira-swadlincote-for-sale-f127r

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Restocking Hats?

Hey guys I was wondering if Salomondrin ever restocks the hats that are marked "sold out" on his website. I really love blue and to see that the black/light blue hat is still out of stock saddens me. They look simple to remake so why doesn't Alejandro just put in...


Best Looking 720S...at the moment

Wish there was a customization for MSO exterior paint. But this carbon fade looks so great.

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Can You Flip a Rebuilt F430 Scuderia?

Only the front end is damaged and the car is still drive-able. The car only needs to be taken to RDBLA and they can handle the repairs. Salomondrin just talked about how these cars will definitely shoot up in value. My question is, even after having a rebuilt title, is...