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I met Avi at Susnet GT

I was at sunset gt and I saw Avi walking around and I freaked out haha. He is such a nice guy and we were just talking about how his NSX is about to look so much better with what GAS is planning on doing to it, I can't wait...


Congratulations Alejandro!

Congrats on 1 million subs my dude! You, Buddy, Ivan and Farshad have worked hard to entertaine us and put out amazing videos and you deserve all the best! Seeing this channel grow has been amazing and I am so happy to be a part of it since the Hellgato...


Anyone planning on going to Sunset GT?

I was planning on going to Susnet GT this week but unfortunately I wont be able to go anymore because of the horrible mudslide that happened in Montecito which shut down the freeway. I am pretty much stuck in Santa Barbara. This week is supposed to be the Perfomante Pandemonium...