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My Chill day.

After a month of a f#ck ton of work. Just want to share my chill day with you guys. As Alejandro says "gotta reward yourself". Got my car serviced and finished @12h15 CAT On the way home said, f#ckit stop for a beer at HOOTERS Pretoria. Lucky me being helped...

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Mercedes-AMG GT R Becomes Most Powerful F1 Safety Car

For the Formula 1 fans out there, I am sure you are counting down the hours to the first race of the season this weekend and for the 23rd consecutive year, Mercedes-AMG will be in charge of providing the official Safety Car. The long-lasting tradition started back in 1996 with the...

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Now We Hear The V6 Audi R8 Is Not Happening

Just yesterday we heard about a possible V6-powered Audi R8 headed for the New York Auto Show next week and now another source says this is not happening. Road & Track spoke with an Audi spokesperson recently who told them unequivocally that “there is no V6 planned for the R8.” So,...

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Scuderia Cameron Glickenhaus SCG004S To Pack 700 HP Nissan GT-R Engine

When we saw the SCG004S last year November, we were expecting it to pack a twin-turbo 5.0-litre V8 with around 650 horses. This turns out to be incorrect as the boss, Jim Glickenhaus has revealed to Autocar that is new supercar will use the 3.8-litre twin-turbo VR38DETT V6 of the Nissan GT-R after all. OK so...


Guys I would like to stay exactly where I am on the rankings, please

because I'm a child . hahaha

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The what if game: Porsche Panamera GT3 RS

Ever wondered what the Porsche Panamera would look like in GT3 RS guise? What if Porsche actualy made it is that a YES or NO from you guys?   

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DRIVETRIBE McLaren Automotive has long been leading the way in recent years by changing our perception of what is physically possible with such cars as the 720S, and more recently the formidable Senna hypercar. While the Woking based outfit has embraced hybrid technology in its P1 hypercar, rumours have always...

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Carlex Design Turn Mercedes-Benz X-Class Into a Bad A$$

The tuning company offer both Off-Road and Urban identities but the Off-Road version seen in the pictures turns the Merc X-Class into something fit for a zombie apocalypse. The fully customized exterior kit adds plastic cladding all over the body, along with bulging fenders, an engine protection cover, as well...

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Audi Sport E-Tron GT Almost Certainly Marks End Of The R8 or does it?

Last week we heard that Audi might be killing off the R8 with no third-generation in the plans and then Audi Sport gave us our first teaser and confirmation of the all-electric e-tron GT four-door coupe coming in 2020. Taking a closer look at some of the statements made by Audi boss Rupert...

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New A8 Will Be Last Audi With The Silky Smooth W12 Engine

It seems downsizing strikes again as the W12 engine in Audi’s lineup might be on the way out with the current A8 being the last time it is offered. “We will not have the 12-cylinder forever,” Peter Mertens, Audi’s head of technical development, said during the Geneva Motor Show, according to Car...


Straight Piped Porsche Carrera GT Terrorising SOUND in London!

We were lucky to not only catch this stunning Porsche Carrera GT on the road in London but also go for a quick drive in the car too. Widely regarded as the best analog driver's super car/hyper car ever, the CGT isn't for the faint-hearted. It features a 6-speed manual...


Happy Happy Huracan

Enjoy St Patrick's day Ladies and Gents.