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Over 5000 PP!

After 2 years of collecting, I've hit 5K P-Nos Points! Woooohooo!


The Perfomante on The Grand Tour!

What did you guys think of the Perfomante's appearance on TGT? I personally loved it! The soundtrack and cinematography were top notch, and thankfully Hammond didn't ruin it like he's always done LOL.


What’re Your Daily Drivers?

My daily is a 2007 Acura RL. I’ve always had a fascination with this thing and now it’s my first car. I’ve owned it for six months and I love it. What about you?


Warranty On The Giveaway Cars...maybe?

Just a little request for Alé. I don’t wanna sound greedy but Aléjandro, do you think there’s any chance we could get, IDK, like a one year warranty with the cars we win? The cars are so badass and everything but obviously they could be a bit pricey for some...


My Entry for the Coffee Contest

Morning everyone, just thought I'd show you my idea for Alejandro's coffee brand that obviously didn't win. I think Cold Brew Cold Start is a really good name, but when I was brainstorming for a name I figured that it'd be kind of difficult to integrate coffee and cars to...


Lamborghini Terzo Millenio Unveiled

I know I'm a little late but no one made a dedicated post for it so screw it - what are all yall's thought's on Lamborghini's latest and greatest concept? Personally I think this thing looks mental, even more so than the Veneno which is pretty tough to top in...


Giveaway Date

Sooooo, does anyone know when the drawing for the Z3 M giveaway is actually happening? I can't wait much longer LOL.


Mercedes-Benz AMG Vision Gran Turismo Created for Justice League!

Has anyone else known about this? I literally freaked out when I saw this yesterday. Warner Brothers have commissioned the creation of a fully-functional unit for the Mercedes-Benz AMG Vision concept from Gran Turismo to be featured in JL! Just watch the video and gaze in awe at Bruce Wayne's...