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Here's another pic of the 2020 Tesla Roadster

0-60 in 1.9sec, 0-100 in 4.2sec, 1/4 mile in 8.8sec, 620mile range, have a 250+mph top speed, and starts at $200k. Let's hope we don't get Fiskered 🤞🏽.


Red SLK for the next giveaway!

It would go along perfectly with my signed picture of one by Ale, Farshad, and Buddy.


I asked 🤷🏽‍♂️

Mercedes-Benz AMG said no news on the Black Series yet but the spy shots say otherwise.


2018 MB Civic

Couldn't get a better picture but here's a Honda Civic wearing a Mercedes-Benz badge, Farshad just died a little inside.


The most beautiful car ever made.

Here we have one of the ugliest automobile (imo) to have been released to the public in an equally bad paint scheme.