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Beautiful Aston!

That's a pretty damn beautiful Aston!!


First car quiz

When you do a quiz for first and it gives this result. It would be an awesome car 😂😂😂 at least it got the cor right 😂😂😂


Polestar 1 Configuration

Was hoping for a better configurator on this but still is a pretty damn awesome car!


Buy, rent and scrap one!

I would rent the civic because it looks like a fun car for a few days Buy the focus just because I love the thing And would scrap the golf!


Autonomous Driving Systems

I'm doing a presentation in school about autonomous driving systems, and has this is a car community I wanted to ask you to give me some more technical information about this, or your opinion on the benefits and the future of this systems. Thank you to everyone who helps out!

Blog post

Did You Know Volvo Broke The Nurburgring Track Record?

You never really hear much about Volvo. It's a quiet but well respected marque. Everyone knows how strong a brand it is, and how highly adequate their cars' performance can be, but we never talk about it. Volvo don't talk about it either, apparently. Did you know that in 2016,...



Just found this thing I think it's a black series but they are advertising it as a normal sls and the price doesn't seem that bad which is the price on the photo plus 40000€ in taxes.


Aventador S

This photo was taken on some kind of course with the support of the my city's motorsport association


Spec 488 Pista

If I was to get one would be this exact spec!


Eleanor in the snow!

Handle that in the snow should be a handful!


Performante in blue

What do you guys think of this spec? I personally love it!


Aston Martin Vantage

The vantage launch in Portugal was a bit wet 😂😂