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Acura NSX

When am i going to see you guys testing the new NSX


Space X

The space roadster edition lol Truly enjoying the sun now lol


congrats parceros in the one million mark

Don’t worry salemundo is right behind it too un millón parce


Congrats Parce On The 40k Today

Supporting the Spanish channel since day one amigo keep up the good work and Ivan to for helping edit without knowing what Alejandro is saying


Pro members give away

Since Alejandro got into trucks I can’t wait for them to start giving away old trucks lol Old Ford Raptors SVT


my Gulf inspired Pelican cup

Only the car people have liked it everyone else is like why those colors lol 😂


2018 Ford raptor Shelby baja

One crazy ass truck stock 😱😱 Faster than then the regular Shelby and raptor

Blog post

Alejandro be careful with all the fires

Hope you and your family are safe and also Ivan and farsha and white Pedro y el parcero rodrigo from Texas