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Singer x Williams Wide body 911

 No disrespect to Nakai-san of Rauh-Welt, but the fine chaps at Singer with the combined efforts of Williams, THE Chris Harris, and Marino Franchitti developed this 2200 lb, 500hp Olive Green wide body masterpiece. Fawk!  Out of all the 911's I've ever seen, this one takes the cake. That Metzgar...

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$25K for this "F430" is a GOT DAMN BARGAIN!

I mean, the seller claims its "more tunnerbale or modifiable than a Ferrari. I don't think even a 458 can out run a 2jz supra." FOr $25K? SOLD! LMFAO The pic of the big brake kit was the clincher for me: So...you think I should buy? Don't steal this before...