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Holy shitballs - have you seen this? F250R.com turn F250s (well duh) into MegaRaptors. Look at the size of the damn thing!

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Schumacher - what's the deal?

Writing an article on F1 today and my thoughts turned to Schuey. It's been 4 years since his accident and nobody has seen a single image of him, no news at all from his family, zip zero nada. What do we think? Is he still alive? Lots of speculation abounds...


G-Wagon interior revealed Ale!!!!

Looks like you're wrong Alejandro - the new G-Wageon has got an all new interior and the body is 30mm wider inside. It may look similar but it's completely new! Belen will go full Tata over it!


Holy Sh*tballs the GT3 is good

Okay, last month I spent the day driving a 720S, and yesterday I was lucky enough to have this incredible GT3 and some amazing roads at my disposal. What. A. Car. As a pure driving tool my god it's a work of art - kicks the AMG GTR's ass in...


Maximum Epicness

One of the best car days of my life - I'm driving the Aventador Roadster and my friend is driving his F1. We drove down to the Wilton House Supercar Show in the UK a few years back in torrential rain, watching people's reactions as a £10m F1 drives past...