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My new car!

Went crazy and decided to trade my truck for this 2005 Boxter with 26k miles on the clock.


My take on Pista specs

Thought I would share my take on what specs we might see with the Pista since images have been released about it.


McLaren Senna In Color

Here is my thoughts on how the P15/Senna will look when spec'd with some of the standard colors.

Blog post

Who all wants to see Alejandro go to the Nuerburgring?

I was just watching a video by Misha at the ring and am following up on it a little. The question that would be cool to get an answer from Alejandro on is "Would Alejandro go to the Nuerburgring? I would totally love to see Alejandro on the ring with...


McLaren Senna in Volcano Red

This is how I imagine the Senna would look in Volcano Red.


Mercedes AMG Project One per Siddharth_vij's request

Found a suitable image I wanted to work with and decided to go for a goldish tone on the car similar to other AMG's I have seen. Hope you like it Siddharth_vij


McLaren Senna as I would spec it.

If I had the money to purchase and the paid slot to get one, this is how I would spec it.


730S in Volcano Red

Perhaps you would prefer the 720S in Volcano red? '-)


720S Ruby-Star Red

Thought I would help you out a little Alejandro and paint your 720S the same color as your CGT


My Redneck Supercar

Just a quick post to share my Redneck Supercar. Hope you all enjoy. :-)