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In 2019... Porsche will compete in Formula E!

This is fricking incredible! Mercedes is also planing a to join as well. My question is, what does this say about the Mission E and it’s demand? Will there maybe be a “turbo s like mission E” (obviously all electric) or maybe an all electric 911 that can compete with...


My first ever YouTube video is live

Yeah I know it’s not car related, but I just wanted to see what I could put together as far as production goes, even though I never used Final Cut Pro X in my life! Let me know what you thinks of it. I really would appreciate that!


Ferrari went really Italian with this name. The 488 Pista

Pista (meaning track in Italian) this car will have 3.9 liter twin turbo v8. All I want to know is what's ferraris approach when it comes to selling this car as a performance car when it should really be a drivers car. According to leaks this car weights the same...


P1 for sale under 2 million

My main concern is; will the P1 actually depreciate so badly to the point where no one actually cares about it anymore


New Porsche 911 GT3 RS (991.2), Manual Gearbox Denied. Here's why

RS means Renn Sport, which means it has to be quick on the track, that it’s all about fast times on the track, and that means the PDK. The PDK has advantages on the track that can’t be beaten by a manual, PERRIOD!


Mclaren p15... December 10

This years Christmas will be magical like Disney world of the car World. Who's ready? In a recent twitter update Mclaren announced the p15 is real and that will see the car on December 10. It's time to get Excited


Lamborghini Urus will be a plugin hybrid option...

..Eventually according to thedrive, which will be a first for Lamborghini. What's your take on Lamborghini putting in all these drive modes, options, space and accessories. Is this just more than putting a Lamborghini badge on something? Will have to see on Dec 4th

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Which car company is the best at being bespoke?

We talk about the performance and the looks, but sometimes (for example, Pagani) it's all about the custom colors and options that makes a car stand out. Who's the best to you? Is it Lamborghini, Pagani, Porsche, Aston Martin, Rolls Royce, McLaren, Bugatti or something else? Other than BMW 



If Rolls Royce said the Cullinan will be based on its own platform, why is it testing with BMW 8 series? Just why?


Porsche Mission E caught testing against Teslas

What does this tell you what Porsche's trying to do? What will Elon do at the time being?


The Aventador S loses the roof, not the performance

This car just looks amazing without the roof, and even adding more weight to car keeping the same performance is just insane. Well only the 0 to 60 just happens 0.1 sec behind the coupe

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Thoughts on AMG's new Multi clutch transmission