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Is this Belen's new G wagon?

As soon as Ale's wife sees the new G63 AMG she'll make Ale to buy it for her 😁


Is the AMG GT4-Door a Panamera killer?

So this is a better picture of the brand new Mercedes AMG GT4-Door which is going to be shown at the Geneva Motor Show. Mercedes even branded the version of AMG 73 which actually they used back in the 90s. The AMG 73 will be used for future AMG hybrid...


Is this the new AMG GT Black Series?

Is here Mercedes AMG testing the new Black Series model or is this a street version for thei upcoming GT4 🤔 Also has Ale planned on getting one if it comes out and is as fast as the GT2 RS. Let‘s not forget that the AMG GT R is faster...


How long will Mercedes dominate F1?

I think until the new rule changes in 2021 Mercedes is going to dominate F1. They have Lewis Hamilton who is driving better than he ever did and to not forget Toto Wolff who is leading the team like nobody else. If Mercedes can keep the domination until 2020 they...


Is the SLS Black Series the Carrera GT of AMG ?

I really think that the SLS AMG Black Seried is still a underrated car and it has everything to be a legendary car. I mean it still has the most powerful natural aspirated V8 in the world and the design of the whole car with the gullwing doors makes it...