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Whats the point of these exactly ?

The Aston Martin Valkyrie AMR Pro and Mclaren Senna GTR are great cars but what's the point of making them when they make the "normal" road leagal version look stupid. Imagine you bought the Valkyrie  and explaining it to your buddy this is the craziest Aston ever but not the fastest.  The...


Most Under Rated Cars of our time

There are many under rated cars of our time and one of them that comes to our mind is Dodge Viper ACR but its gone now but in latest gen I think that its the Noble , they look understated but the perform very well in the Goodwood 2017 it...

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Pro Subscription with country specific plans

I think the Pro Subsription should have contry specific plans What I mean is for example Apple Music in US costs $4.99/month but same costs Rs. 60 ($0.93) /month , the pro membership at the US prices is expensive for Indian consumers as our banks even charges and taxes for the...


Aria FXE - A new American Hyper car

The renowned automotive D&D firm, Aria Group revealed their new 1000+hp hypercar Aria FXE today (Nov 30, 2017) at the Los Angeles Autoshow.

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World's most priceless cars

Jaguar once made the famour race car XJ13 and it was never raced and was crashed and they decided to restore it. Currently there's only one in the entire world and its priceless not to mention most beautiful car in the world. What are some other uknown priceless cars ?

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Weird One-Offs

What One-offs you thought were weird and didn't make any sense ? For me its the Mclaren X1, it makes no sense in looks like 650s with weird back