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Congrats on 1 MILLION Subscribers!!

Tonight the Salomondrin channel reached 1 Million subs. From someone who’s been here since the first 10k, massive congrats dude! I’ve seen a lot of growth within the movement and can’t wait for what’s to come. Cheers!


Road & Track Performance Car Of The Year LAP TIMES!

Wow guys, I did not expect the GTR to rule over the Performante or the 720s. Did any of you see that coming? Do you think it's PR job? Lmk your thoughts, I'm dumbfounded.

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What are the coolest "Ballin on a budget" cars you know?

This is a 1983 G280 converted into a newest model Brabus G wagon. This right here, is the epitome of ballin on a budget to me! The build is well executed and the average person wouldn't know this is a 34-35 year old car. I'll be following the listing to...


How Rich is Salomondrin @salomondrin ??

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