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What's up my sexy mofos!?! In today's jam packed episode: - We finally find out how much my CGT costs to get fixed! - Buddy unveils his first mod for the Dad mobile! - and I find the best car to "Netflix and Chill" ENJOY!!!


Should I Invest in Your Business?! LIT Q&A

What's up my sexy moos!?! In this special Lit Q&A, myself and Farghini tackle all the questions you have! Even the hard ones! (That's what she said) LOL Hope you enjoy!


#DrivewayGoals: Salomondrin [Carrera GT, AMG GTR, Huracan]

MY G's!!! Hope you are having an excellent Friday! Yesterday I had the pleasure of spending some time with Sam from Seen Through Glass. I showed him the garage, the cars, the house, and then we went for a drive. This is what came out of it, hope you enjoy...


Is the Pagani Huayra BC worth the extra 1 million?!

What's up you sexy mofos!?! Today's episode is all about Pagani. You know how I've felt for a long time about my old Huayra. Let's see if the BC changes my mind!!! A mega shoutout to the realest G, my dude @Gregb.23 for letting me dip my toes in the...

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Farghini & Friends LIVE - 4/15/18

Enjoy the first episode of "Farghini & Friends" with my Co-Host Ivan the Editor, featuring special guests Avi & Jamie! Please let me know what you think, good or bad! I tried my best.Farshad!


We FINALLY drove the Lamborghini SUV!!!

What's up my ninjas!?! Today's episode is a little ridiculous, but here's what went down: - We spotted a Team Salomone imposter! - Had incredible sandwiches from NYC - Drove the craziest SUV ever! Enjoy!!!


Taking delivery of the Senna NSX!!!

What's up my sexy mofos!?! In today's vlog: - We picked up Wendy's dream car - I'm getting new wheels for the GTR! - Avi finally gets to see his NEW SENNA NSX!!! Enjoy!!! Also, go check out the full build process of Avi's NSX at the GAS channel here:...


MAGNUS WALKER - DRIVEN | Legendiary Ep.6

My G's! My boy Saad from Legendiary interviewed Magnus Walker in order to share his journey and inspire us to pursue our passions. Check it out and get inspired kids!!! ---------- Magnus Walker AKA The Urban Outlaw - Fashion Designer, Porsche Collector & Enthusiast shares his story on how he...


M3 Winner!!!

Congratulations my dude!!!! For everyone wondering how we selected Anthony to be our winner we did this: - dumped all entries into an excel sheet and gave it a value (from 1 to XXXX - last number of entries). - then we asked google to randomly select a number from...



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The Fastest Nissan GTR in The World!

What's up my sexy mofos!!! After hearing so many of you say you wanted to see a Nissan GTR, I finally bring you the daddy of all the GTRs, the panty-dropping NISMO! An incredible machine, but as you can see...there are many reasons why it does not make sense to...


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