Dark413 Dark413 03/14/2018 - 11:52am

Audi R8 V10 Twin Turbo Test Drive with John Hennessey

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    John Hennessey test drives the Hennessey Audi R8 V10 Twin Turbo.
    For more information please contact us:
    979-885-1300 | http://www.HennesseyPerformance.com

    Would you like to learn how to make fast cars faster? Check out Tuner School where our classroom includes a chassis dyno cell and a 1/4 mile dragstrip - all on the Hennessey Performance campus!
    979-885-1300 | http://www.TunerSchool.com

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  • smoke3316
    1 week ago 1 P-Nos Points
    That's crazy
  • forakzai
    1 week ago 1 P-Nos Points
    the stuff they do at Hennessey is fucking nuts