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One of 58 - Road Legal P1 GTR Up For Sale! P.O.A. - 30+ Pic Gallery!


One of only 58 P1 GTR's ever produced. Road converted and UK registered by famed McLaren P1 specialist Lanzante motorsport. This particular 1 owner example was specified in the iconic Lark livery along with a dash in the style of the owners legendary McLaren F1. The McLaren P1 GTR is best summed up by motoring correspondent Andrew Frankel in his review for Autocar "What is the P1 GTR like? Try to imagine a car with as near to 1000bhp as makes no difference that weighs under 1400kg dry. Think of the acceleration that might result, and then be advised that this is the least interesting thing it does. This is the true measure of the P1 GTR. However extraordinary it looks, you must take my word that its shape writes no cheque that the car beneath cannot cash in full". Offered for sale complete with its original flight case which includes factory supplied diagnostic equipment, racing wheels and tyres, racing exhaust and a tailored car cover. In addition the car still retains its original owners handbooks, spare key and original factory invoice.

Visit the site" http://www.tomhartleyjnr.com/used/2016/mclaren/p1/2016-mclaren-p1-moira-swadlincote-for-sale-p1lrk#

Would you but one over a Senna?
And if this was over $3million - do you think it would be worth it?

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  • pmulligan80
    3 days ago 1 P-Nos Points
    There are no words to do that livery justice!
    • McC-CocK
      2 days ago 1 P-Nos Points
      It's stunning isn't it!
      The owners F1 has the same wrap
  • 2023326144547424
    1 week ago 2 P-Nos Points
    What a beautifully spec’d livery!
    • McC-CocK
      2 days ago 0 P-Nos Points
      The F1 he has looks that litttle bit better
  • RyanStl
    1 week ago 1 P-Nos Points
    This for sure. It looks better than the Senna and it's the second gen. The only thing better would be first gen.
    • McC-CocK
      1 week ago 3 P-Nos Points
      Fair point!
      Yeah, I might join that opinion!
  • Rndyone64
    2 weeks ago 1 P-Nos Points
    I would have to go with the Senna first as I always want the shiny new one!!
  • dmartian
    2 weeks ago 3 P-Nos Points
    Man that would look so cool sitting out in the snow next to ole trailer..

  • beemerdude
    2 weeks ago 2 P-Nos Points
    the P1 is so awesome