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What is your favorite Bugatti Veyron Spec?

Hey guys, been a busy week for me so sorry for my lack of posts/comments this week. Hopefully things will resume back to normal once school starts again and I can get back to slacking off in class haha (help) hahaha.

ANYWAYS, what is your guy's opinion of the best spec'd Bugatti Veyron in the world? Out of all 450 cars, there are a few that stand out more than other's because of their color comboinations or wraps or work in the police department (lol).

For me, I would have to say my #1 favorite Veyron spec is the Mansory Linea Vincero d'Oro that is owned by Manny Khoshnin. I love the exposed carbon and the gold trimmings and wheels , but also the interior looks like it's a latte that has the art drawn in it with golden milk.

Bijan's bugatti is pretty popular because of it's placement on rodeo drive and it's color combination,as well as the drawing on it's hood

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  • EddyBambara
    7 months ago 1 P-Nos Points
    I'd say either the black and rose gold that RDB wrapped or BC's black and white spec
  • zer0wo
    7 months ago 2 P-Nos Points
    1 - The Bugatti Vitesse in grey with blue interior
    2 - Whitesse
    3 - La Finale