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We Need An App For This Site.

Who else thinks that the Salomondrin web site would be great if it was made into an app. Most of the time i access this...


Has Jaguar Lost their mind?

So apparently the folks over at Jag decided to create a SV version of their XE car... and charge almost $192,000 for it! Now mind...


The Chains that Bind Us... Metaphorically.

I have spent some time recently pondering something of some importance. Something that seems to be more and more pressing each and every day and...


How to get more P-Points

I see some people have a ton! How do they get so many points ?


GTCon Postponed! For those already booked for LA

So I just got the email saying that GTCon was postponed until further notice. Very, very disappointing. I already had tickets, plane tickets, hotels, etc...


Differance between Hercules, Apollo and Nebula

What's up guys?? I was just wondering what the differences are between the 3 hats and when you plan on getting most things back in...


U.K fans at Goodwood discussion

Hey everyone from the UK and everyone who is attending the Goodwood Festival of speed and is super excited from the news of the svipe...


Richard Hammond / Mate Rimac Interview after crash

Check out the first interview with Richard Hammond and Mate Rimac together since the crash: https://drivetribe.com/p/bbPZ61p3TDGJWaXPmhDDBw?iid=BbdywJ9qRiW9RoLISHqkpw


When is the shop going to be restocked??

Hey Guys, I have been a good Husband of late and to reward me, my wife said I could get a Salomondrin Hoody (as it's...


The team is at Goodwood FoS!

So Pedro just announced that you guys will be at Goodwood FoS, I've asked the question several times if you were going to be going...


Jon Olsson revealed his RR!

What's up guys? Just wanted to know the #SVIPE family opinion on the Jon Olsson's RR makeover! Ale I bet you want to do few...


Pedro it's for you

Hello Pedro, this is Mahesh ( cars and coffee ,NJ). A small request from my side, please upload some wallpapers of 918 aswellas 4x4². This...