Happy Monday you sexy mofos!!! It's time to kick this week in the nuts, and I hope you are ready! In today's episode: - Farghini showed us how the traffic officers won the war - We spotted one of the sexiest Maybachs of all time - and I also bought the car that wasn't for sale yet! Enjoy!!! Don't forget to check out the podcast here: http://bit.ly/2sNET9q

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y not the cla

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I know you are probably not going to read this, but i just have to say it. You videos are the best man, just that look on your face like a little kid getting a toy says it all. You deserve it, and i hope i get to meet you someday.

My favorite car that I cant afford, Ale finally added it toi the channel. Thats wuz up, cant wait to see future of theis. Man I wish I could afford the E63 wagon

YOU NOW HAVE 3 amg 4.0 bITURBO v8. Baller

the rental fleet?

I am so damn jealous of that wagon.... that's awesome. And a bargain price as well..

The wagon is perfect preparation for when the mini Alejandro's come

That's your new Shirt. "I'm the kinda of guy that'll punch your KneeHole"

Just add it to the rental fleet, price it a little bit higher so it doesn't get much use and have it there until you need to use it.

I guess you guys didn't watch the new head-to-head on Motor Trend? Yep that's right they had wagons the Panorama Turismo and the monster 63 and guess who won that's right Daddy O the star kicked that motherfukers ass all the way back to the Hills cuz you can slide it it's got a button push the button aleandro push the button got to drift button

I couldn't find on YouTube!!!! can you post the link for this please .

The Wagon is Dopeeeee.

I like free things, but not *after mail-in rebate!

I loved watching you trying to find excuses to buy the E63 LOL I hope I won't hurt too much your feelings but I don't like it at all, imho the Audi RS6 is on all another level! Sorry Ale! And if I have hurted your feelings we're even since you hurt mines everytime you talk about Ferrari LOL

BTW, I don't understand why someone put the number plate on the side instead of puting them in the middle. It looks so much better in the middle.

Basically 99% of the time you see a plate on the side it's because it isn't possible to mount it in the middle :D

It is possible

Maybe there in the USA it's different but here in Italy and in Europe you can't mount a plate on the front grill, it has to be on the bumper :D

That E63 wagon is the best investment you can possibly make. 100% worth it in and out. I can't wait for the day I'm able to get my own E63S. Congrats Ale. =D

Great unassuming car, now let's wrap it Acid Green with Miami Blue Zebra Strips. hahaha ;D

I have heard Doug DeMuro sing the praises of the E63 Wagon enough to know that you were soooo screwed the second you got behind the wheel. Loved watching you guys justify getting it though. The Navigator is super nice, but I think y'all are gonna enjoy this way more and end up driving it all over the time. Also that matte grey paint on that GLA looked amazing. Sorry Ivan! 🤣

best vlog yet.

Ale ive never seen you so happy and kid like over a car like you were with this e63 wagon. congrats dude enjoy the living shit out of it!

I would use that e63 wagon as a daily!!!

This episode had me dying. Ale was trying to justify this purchase so bad and looked like he was almost in tears cause he couldn't let it go.

looking at this, I look like a crack addict!

The IG post about buying it doesn't help either, LOL

I actually prefer those wheels over the black ones

now Parker will want to review this too....

This is why we can't get any more German cars... Next video.. I'm buying another German car 🤣😂🤣

appreciation! :P hahahaha

Bad ass looking wagon! Buddy and Farshad sounded exactly like my kids when I tell them why I want a certain car hahaha.

hahahah these 2 are clearly not my friends! :P

That is a bad ass wagon, get it for sure!

Ale, you really need that wagon, that for sure :D

Wrap it and new wheels😍😍😍

I'm being 1000% serious Buddy, when I say, I NEED SOME HIGH QUALITY PHOTO PRINTS OF THAT WAGON!!!

I need these too!

by THESE I mean the photos of the wagon... the boners are what I imagine happens when he shows us these pictures... sorry had to make sure nothing here wasn't clear :P

you guys should do a legit wrap for Ivan on his B-day...

Yo, Alejandro! Wagons is life, bro! I'm not a Merc fanboy, but I've owned a few Audi Avants and they stand out like no other. I still get compliments to this day on my C6 A6 Avant(last generation they brought to the US). You gotta cop that AMG Wagon Sledgehammer! Ditch that Lincoln P.O.S.!!!

I hear you, but also the navigator is mega dope!

@salomondrin that wagon is fricken' dope! I'm a wagon fan too and this one is like the ultimate wagon! High 5, congrats!

thank you so much brother!

Wagons are sexy

they are... they really are! This one drives so fucking amazingly well! I can't believe it!

Audi needs to wake up and get the RS6 into the US

You should get magnetic license plate holder instead.

That wagon is very nice looking ,but i would take the Navigator more space. And your new Mercedes Farghini is nice congr.

I haven't gotten behind the wheel of the new E63 Wagon but if it's anything close to the RS6 it must be quick. Imagine what high speed shots you guys can get if that's the camera car, well one day when those supercars gets a track day. Enjoy the new toy Farghini

crazy fucking fast! I am so jealous because we don't have those RS6s here :D

Fucking beautiful

lol buddy's first reaction to seeing the wagon was amazing👏🏽 the interior is very fucking nice dude seriously tasteful af. Farghini's laugh @ 9:16-17 was phenomenal bc he knew you were going to buy it for sure at that moment👏🏽CONGRATS brotha this looks so nice in all of these clips & fast af

I appreciate the shit out of this! hahahah fucking Farghini... I knew at that moment I was fucked!

The only excuse you need is "I want it and I have the money".

no, cuz then I end up getting rid of them fast... if I have an excuse aka A NEED... they tend to last way longer! :P

I love your reaction when you were completely overtaken by the car. You knew you were taking too 😂😂💀

I hate doing these videos because I end up spending so much more than I'll ever even be close to making back in a fucking day! LOL BUT I love it also cuz I found this gem!

Wait, Did I hear this right Ale? You are leasing the Ghost? That white AMG GTS cabrio is cool BTW!

Yes, he’s explained why many times.

Im Just going to say it Evonne is hot... there is said it it's out there

C63 wagon , this older grill looks WAY better than the new ones.

I actually really would've liked the new one hahahahah

The wagon will also be perfect for your dogs!!!

that would've been a great excuse!

The E63s wagon is probably the best all around car right now! can't wait to see u guys destroy other cars with it lol

no one will see it coming!

That moment in time when you get FOMO LOL

dude... WHAT A CAR!!! :P

I really like the E 63s AMG sedan but the wagon doesn’t like so bad. I am starting to like it a lot.

it's such a sleeper! And the interior is soooooo dope! so out of it's own league!

Holy shhuuut I didn't expect that E63 Wagon to be that fast!!! I guess that's our only option in the U.S come on now AUDI can't you see how hot the Wagons are here in the U.S.A market?!!!!!

I can get you guys an RS3 and an RS5 hit me up boys!! No need to sweat!! I've got a dealership down there ;)


It's called Circle Audi ;) near long beach. If you are close to that place one day just text me I'll tell them to treat you right.

refreshed and got a new vid! Thanks!

Yeah, that wagon is sexy , nice addition. FYI no notifications for the videos.

we're working on all of that now :D Sorry!

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