Help Jess Pick Her Next Car!

Happy Sunday! Hope everyone is having a great weekend! I don't typically post on Sunday but Jess and I were struggling this weeks video and editing! In this vlog we head downtown to check on production and make sure everything is running smoothly and you guys get to see some of the women's collection I have been working on! Since we were in Downtown LA we decided to check out Grand Central Market for lunch. We also go to grand central market which was really fun and delicious! While on our adventure Jess falls in love with 2 cars and can't make up her mind on which one she wants. Hope you guys enjoy this video and thank you for watching!

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Just get a Skyline GT-R

The coffee shop you showed at the beginning of the Grand Central Market bit has the most amazing waffles. Try them next time. Then, there's always good ol' EggSlut. Also, the Bradbury building is right across the street. It's featured in a ton of films and TV shows and has some amazing architecture inside. Great vid you two!


yum awesome thank u!

Great video! I really like the old Mercedes.

Nice video as always! And then Belen, I know this is off topic, but you have to see this video: During a football charity match they interviewed Penelope Cruz and she talked about italian food, making just a little pronunciation's mistake which went viral of course LOL


omg I LOVE Penelope Cruz. I will def watch!

This video is meant for you and Ale because you also love what she's talking about: cacio e pepe! But there a twist to it LOL

That thing on the wheel of the VW Bug is called a "boot" Jess :) Looks like a personal one as a theft deterrent device.

Fun video!

always a fun to watch you guys! also jess you should look into a mustang because it would fit you so well!!

Great vlog, you guys make a great duo


thank u!!

No way!?!?! Awesome!

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