Hi everyone! 👋🏼

Hiiii everyone! 👋🏼I’ve been lurking outside of the community for a bit. I’m an SEO, content and business strategy consultant that's been investing in various ways since 2011 (real estate, stocks) and cryptocurrency in the past few years. I guess that means I like data, and helping people/businesses optimize and grow online. I'm also a massive car enthusiast (and a recent convert from Audi to Porsche). I’ve been working on a channel in the crypto space that’ll share apps, discuss investing/trading, interesting companies in the blockchain space, chatting about ICOs, and all of that other good stuff. If you're looking for a place to "get rich quick" it's def not for you. My goal is to help you learn about the space and make informed decisions around what you'll encounter out there. Of all the things in my life that I’ve strived to achieve, the biggest has been the right mindset when it comes to designing a lifestyle filled with everything that drives me, and helping others do the same.  That includes empowering others to grow their businesses, improve their financial mindset, and invest in themselves, first and foremost. The majority of people have an awfulllll  relationship with money, and let emotions guide any kind of investing they do , or choices they make.  As someone who is constantly creating and plotting, buying time forward  by making smart financial choices is soooo important to having a clear head.  Fast forward to now, I’ve included cryptocurrency investing into my financial and lifestyle strategy.  The reason I’m not treating it like “get rich quick" nonsense is because no businesses or investing should EVER be driven by that . I’m about helping people make smart decisions that fit the lifestyle they want, which includes smart investing. PLUS there's a whole super interesting layer to blockchain and how it's going to impact the world... and also make us money at the same time. :)   If you have any questions, feel free to send 'em my way!

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Can't wait to learn more :)

Welcome to the fam!! #gamechanger

Thank you!

Thank you!

Hello! Excited to see your content, I knew something was coming ;) To my fellow salomondrin/salomundo family interested in crypto here's my quick intro: ------ 1. Twitter is the preferred platform for everyone (most) deep in the space, even ICOs and new cryptos all will likely have a twitter.- 2. Accept no one as an oracle or one step ahead of the market, this is widely preached but some take advantage of this (Cryptonary).- 3. Even bitcoin is still relatively new, and accordingly it is hard to define the "Crypto" space let alone understand it, we're all still learning- 4. If you're serious about investing, your best move is to STUDY, RESEARCH, and LEARN for a while. Some areas to focus on would be market cycles and risk management.- 5. Bitcoin Cash is not Bitcoin lol - may sound random now but you'll understand.- ---------- My current recommendation of YouTube channels are: 1. The Crypto Street Podcast 2. Shitcoin Talk 3. Netflix and Shill *For those interested in technical analysis focused on crypto (Ichimoku clouds, Bollinger band, etc) Josh Olszewicz's channel is widely accepted as the standard - <https://www.youtube.com/user/carpenoctom> ** Jake from Koreanjewtrading is a well rounded channel going over the current market, ICOs, and interviews with the leads of cryptocurrencies/ crypto companies recently including PolyMath, Menlo One, Syscoin, and Skycoin. And in true crypto "shill" fashion I'd like to end with a link to my website https://cryptocurr3ncy.org/ I've been working on it getting a list of great resources, tools, and insight. I also have a crypto 101 section I'll be updating for those completely new to the space. Hope you all have a great day 🖐🏼💚

Nice to meet you! And great points - I especially agree with your #2, #3 and #4. It's only in its infancy and there's so much to learn. Slow, steady and informed is the way to go! Looking forward to seeing your resources grow, too. 🤘🏼

Have had a bad experience with crypto so far, hopefully you could lead me in the right direction.

Oh no! That's not uncommon though -- I went through a lot of trial and error as I was starting out because it's such a different/volatile market so I learned a lot of things the hard way. 😂 I hope your future experiences are much better! 🙌🏼

Stoked for this! I'm cryto-illiterate and need all the help I can get.

I gotchu!



Yeessss this looks really promising. Subscribed!

Thank youuuuuu! Excited to start sharing.

I'm running out for a bit and will be slow seeing comments, but I appreciate the warm welcome! 👊🏼

Or at @Alex.Choi

Hello! Welcome :D

Thank you! I appreciate the tiny T-rex wave.

Cryptocurrency channel


Ummm yeah teach me more please @that_audirs7_guy I want to make more money and not to lose money hahaha. Anywho welcome to the Chaychay/website!

I was looking for the "whale, whale, whale" gif, but it's nowhere to be found. :( Your IG is Audi heaven, btw! I'm now in the rabbit hole of deliciousness. 🤤

Hahaha welcome we appreciate a crypto channel and so is Rodrigo's Channel that man is a legend.

Hi! 🙌🏼

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