How To Build A Non Racist Wall!

This week's video we take you inside the Launch party we did for my women's line "Belen"! We decided to do our own DIY (do it yourself) project and build a flower wall for a background photo op and it shockingly did not turn out like a disaster! The reason I hosted the Launch party was to have influencers aka Bloggers attend the dinner so they could preview the line and also promote it. I am doing everything on my own with no PR team so having a launch was crucial. The party couldn't have turned out better and I am so thrilled with how everything looked. Hope you guys enjoy the video and all the hot babes that attended!

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I'd gladly run into that wall

there is no way fucking way that Fourshad was anywhere near this dinner party

Nice! Very creative. At least you are not afraid to drive the Hellcat.

Hum... Am I the only who clicked on the "wallpapers" section right after the vid and was kinda disappointed? >_>

Belen, where was your seatbelt in the beginning? If something happened to you, Alejandro would be screwed. He wouldn’t be able to fend for himself like a tiny defenseless baby squirrel... lol

Great job Belen and Jess good video was wondering how you would fit plywood in the Hellgato. Your videos are very good.

Ale must of loved that

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