How To Do Your Make Up In A Rolls Royce

I realize that most of you guys have 0 interest in a make up tutorial but a solid 53% of you voted yes when I asked if you wanted to see one so here ya have it! I thought it would be not to mention challenging to do our make up in the Rolls Royce. We somehow managed to NOT get make up on the car which was truly a miracle. My extremely talented friend Annie Lawless just launched a new all natural foundation called "woke up like this" and she generously sent me all 20 SHADES of the foundations so it was the perfect time to shoot a tutorial. Now, we are NO expects in fact we kind of royally suck at this but we had so much fun shooting it. We also used my BBF's make up line Kosas in the tutorial which is also an amazing make up line. We hope you guys enjoy this disaster of a make up tutorial!

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Hey Belen, totally off-topic, but going back to your varsity jacket thread. You recall we brought up the YSL Teddy jacket and how its super popular but super pricey. Well, this other streetwear youtuber I follow who is also dabbling in his own clothing line came up with an awesome, affordable alternative for less than $100 that I decided to pick up. I have to say that its very well done. Thoughts?

as a men i loved it nice job both love it

I watched the whole vid. That was funny as fuck.

It is amazing how much you have come out your shell Belen !!! Being a longtime Ale subscriber and you only occasionally made a small appearance here and there and now seeing you make these videos and having fun and just being your goofy self is refreshing..... Keep up the hard work because it is entertaining and hell us guys can learn from it some of us are married and can benefit from your vids.

Bellissime! 👏🏻

Another fellow italian? Noice!

Aye ova here

hmmm... well this was a first for me and being a car guy I was actually quite frightened for that white leather but it looks like things worked out just fine! So what is the difference between a foundation and whatever the hell it is that Trump uses to orange himself?

Hey ale put tata in all the cars what about nunu has she been in all the cars? lol

You girls are so adorable! I don't know beans about makeup, proven by the fact I'm hanging out on a car guy's website lol, but I think y'all did an awesome job! I really like Jess's superhero eyeshadow and Belen's fierce lipstick. I keep saying I'm going to start wearing makeup again so this was kinda inspiring. 🤩😘


haha thank you for watching! I am glad you enjoyed it!

I’m a guy and I still loved the video! Though, I will say, it only increased my fears of makeup! How can women do that to themselves! Haha


hahah i am so glad you enjoyed it!

I'm gonna watch the video only because your friend Annie is hot AF! LOL Jk I'll watch it 'cause I love the interaction and the chemistry between you and Jess :D And I hope I'll see Nunu <3


thank you so much! And yes Annie is a mega Babe!

Put in a good word for me with her LOL

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