I bought this new car on the spot! Podcast Video - LTACY EP214

What's happening my sexy mofos!?! In this week's irregular programming of an unprofessional podcast, we discuss: - Our opportunities in the car community - WE JUST GOT TWO NEW CARS!!! - A new set of maps are coming to replace Apple CarPlay! - Another Mclaren, more depreciation! - Rolls-Royce design chief resigns shortly after Cullinan unveil - Porsche just revealed the perfect car for Liam Neeson...LOL - Wait! A new 356 speedster is coming? - Farghini's Good News, Bad News Enjoy!!! You can also listen to the podcast here: https://aca.st/fa9206

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VaynerMedia, NASCAR, and Gary's launching his K-Swiss 003s soon. I think this is the only time when my guesses on the in-podcast mentions have come close to being correct. https://www.adweek.com/agencyspy/vaynermedia-will-help-nascar-drivers-maintain-their-personal-brands/144290

A couple was literally on the verge of punching each other in the Hyundai in front of me this morning when Farshad was making his joke on this podcast. #SVIPE

I remember buddy attending a NASCAR race a while and when ale told loop de loop im sure its nascar.

The hardest I laughed all video was the jumpcut after Farghini's joke at 51:50.

Congratulations on your baby mama car it's nice and safe she needs that way to go !!!!!

4 tickets is a joke bro for tickets is a joke I read that the attendance is down and that a lot more people were not watching on the television but they were actually streaming more that's why the France company wants to get out of it and sell so that they can make their billions and for you to get fucked over like that is just business as usual in Corporate

Promises was real man the promises was real it couldn't let you do shit what a load of crap welcome to Corporate America man but you tried your best brother and that's all that you could do proud of you man but don't like NASCAR don't like NASCAR

The Hyundai joke was really funny tho hahahahaha

Whats the HQ website?

That Porsche speedster if based on the gt3 will be really special. I know you have a history with your dealer at mck , but you guys also have big Porsche connects through galpin/vw with their relationship with rod Emory and how highly he speaks of Porsche Newport Beach. Could be a cool video, galpin/rod Emory king of the 356/ salomondrin trying to get/with the new speedster.

were yall talking about fourloko?

the performante copied a lowrider car lol

When is Farshad going to do his Puku Pals wrap?

3rd generation (NC) Miata has the most driver room, though the passenger legroom is atrocious. Perhaps you need a Miata with the GAS once over - there are aftermarket seat brackets to give you more headroom. Autocross competition between everyone at Salomondrin!

They will make 70 of 911 Speedster Concept I think

Just a wild guess?

Autocar.co.uk claims 356 units (UK only?) but they screwed up the article and put the date as "2010" everywhere in it....

I have a feeling that Nissan reached out to Buddy lol

No P-Nos points? :(

Hold up! What happened to the name of this podcast? Thou changed it mid day? What happened there?

Changed my mind :P

Can't wait for that Mclaren

Can you imagine the 720s engine in that tiny little thing?!!?!?

Any chance of being a hybrid?

My father has the new E63S on order. Its stupid how fast they are, especially with a RennTech tune :)

hahaha everyone is tunning them! They're so fast already! hahaha crazy fucks! congrats to your dad!

Alejandro you should get a hex tune from VF engineering

I'm too scared! :P hahah it's gonna be my hideaway car! :P

Apple maps has a van with the cameras like google maps running around my town here in Southeast Missouri I took a picture of it. I've passed it 3 times this month.

Best exchange ever: Farshad: I do not want to get gangbanged in jail Ale: Are you sure? Farshad: Yeah, I'm positive.

unexpected... :P

I missed the points

Cars FUCK yeah!!

Pursue Other Opportunities To be fired or forced out of a job due to failure or scandal. The "opportunities" to be "pursued" may include crying, applying for unemployment, eating cheetos, and watching daytime talk tv. A close analogue, usually used in politics or sports, is the departure "to spend time with his family."

#NascarGoesWest ;P

can't wait for the e63s vlog!

It's a bit strange... LOL

Ayyyeee new podcast! On a unrelated note am I the only one who has difficulties to upload things? I'm able to upload only video from youtube, with images and blog posts everything seems to work fine but then there no trace after pressinf the "upload" button. It's been 2 days in which I'm trying to post my report of an autoshow here in Italy but nothing!

Talking about the new McLaren I've read somewhere(so take it with a grain of salt) that it should be called 580 GTS! Plus I want to say a couple things: I really believe(and hope LOL) that the Pista will be faster than this and hopefully as fast as the 720S. Because I don't think the new McLaren will be faster than the 720, it wouldn't make any sense imho, I mean you can't try to differentiate your products(in the McLaren case sport series, super series etc) if a car of the lower tier is faster than the one up in the chain that you produce! If in the end they're both mid engine supercars. Ferrari is different: no one would be mad if the Pista is faster than the 812! They're two totally different cars: one a proper supercar and the other more of a GT with insane performance!

didn't get a notification :(

yeah checked it few hours ago was happy and surprised as well :)

So how is the Taco place coming along..?

Good! We're redoing all the damn building... so that's why it's taking until december to open, but looking good everything seems to be going well! :D

The chances of me checking the website before i head to bed the same time you upload a podcast...well guess imma be up till 2 now

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