What is Coinbase?! Walkthrough & Discussion

Hiiiiii! New CryptByte video is up -- this is definitely going to be boring for anyone who is already trading/investing, but Coinbase is too valuable to overlook for someone starting out, and I know there's a lot of you who don't want to hop on big exchanges yet. I'm not suggesting this is the ONLY or BEST way to start, but it'll definitely help get your feet wet, and a lot of my friends/colleagues/peers found this easy before moving onto the actual exchanges like HitBTC, Binance, Bittrex etc. There's more walkthrough coming for full exchanges, too. Coinbase/GDAX are restructuring how their platforms work together, so this may have to be updated in the future....

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I use Coinbase regularly it's pretty easy but they need more COINS!!

They definitely so. There's been so many rumors the past year about what coins they'll be adding, and they haven't. I think once they do the full Coinbase Pro / GDAX transition, there will eventually be more coins. They're getting a lot of heat from different places right now in regards to their platform/company, so maybe they're consciously holding off until that gets sorted out.

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