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Is Bangin' Gears coming back!? Video Podcast - LTACY Ep. 130

What's happening my sexiest mofos!? In this week's podcast, we brought in special guest Spencer Berke (@thatphotographer) to talk about all things social media in the car community and how he's used his connections to strategically leverage his own businesses and achieve his goals. In addition, we discussed several topics ...

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New life gets breathed into Gumpert Between 2005 and 2012, a German supercar manufacturer called Gumpert built what is likely the most divisive of supercars, the Apollo.Now, the company is back, it’s dropped the unappealing Gumpert name, and says it will introduce a better-looking hypercar called the Apollo Intensa Emozione ...


It's John Claude

The Martial Science movie!! Did you like it? I did it was so funny!! Lol

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2018 Kia Stinger GT 3.3T AWD - Almost ready to scratch that sports-sedan itch.

HIGHS - Otherworldly value, strong performance, roomy cabin.   LOWS - Rough roads throw it about, missing the all-important driver/car connection.   We have to wonder if the team that developed the all-new Kia Stinger took that quote as their mantra, because it describes with uncanny precision the car they ...


The 2JZ Supra Taco! - Hot Rod Drag Week 2017

This is one of those videos we were hesitant to make, solely because it leaves you wanting more, but it was so highly requested and such a COOL build that we HAD to! This little 2JZ powered Toyota Tacoma was absolutely BADASS and we REALLY wanted to see it make ...

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Rolls-Royce Thinks Hybrids Are Gauche, Will Electrify with Full EVs

Rolls-Royce has been dropping some very broad hints about electrification since its 102EX EV concept back in 2011, but the arrival of the new Phantom VIII—and the aluminum-spaceframe Architecture of Luxury that underpins it—gives the luxury brand a chance to move on its ambitions.CEO Torsten Müller-Ötvös has confirmed that the ...


What's the worst speeding ticket you have ever received

Add the speed Mine was 2year suspension Speed 164km



Hey guys came across this in the app store. Check it out.


BMW E30 Fest - Romania 2016

BMW E30 Fest - Romania 2016, powerd by Motul Gear: Canon 6D Canon 24-70mm Aerial shoots - Evl Skillz

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WTF car of the day

Here it is folks...todays WTF car of the day. Who needs carbon fiber when you have good old ply wood lmao


Share a pic of your cool car!

Hey was going on dudes! If you have a cool car share a picture with the SVIPE community here.