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1 of 1: the 1998 Porsche 911 GT1-98 Straßenversion (street version)

In the 1990s, regulations for the GT1 category for the BPR Global GT Series (which later became the FIA GT Championship starting in 1997) and Le Mans stipulated that the cars had to be based off of road cars with at least 25 of these street-legal versions being sold to ...

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$35,000 Budget Banger

We've seen what salomondrin would buy with a large budget of over $100,000, but that's out of reach for many viewers. What car would you buy with $35,000 cash on hand (no leasing)? 

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Model S bringing people together!

It started out as a standard "Look at my new car" post (killer wrap) and quickly ended up as a date between two redditors.  Subreddit r/teslamotors may just be where all the love is at,  u/cdbz11 posted about his new Tesla Model S on August 10th and a day later ...

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New BMW Z4 concept... about time..

 So, BMW just released this concept... the new Z4. I say i was about time BMW did this because to me the old one looked oudated in current day. What do you guys say? 

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Michael Fux supplements MSO Purple 720S with a purple Rolls-Royce Dawn!

Michael Fux, owner of the MSO Purple Mclaren 720S that was recently revealed at Monterey, is also receiving a purple Rolls Royce Dawn in the same colour, to supplement the 720S. The Dawn was revealed today at the Quail, an event part of Monterey car week. 

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Who is in carmel this morning? What are you seeing?

I am about to walk around!

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Renault trickle down technology?

Naturally we see the big players in formula 1 trickle down the technology from the race cars to the street cars I.e. Mcleran, Ferrari... however I haven't ever known Renault to have a car that they show off there engine technology in, am in missing something here?

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All Electric McLaren Confirmed

When I have time I will post more on McLaren since I am the Authority on McLarens, enjoy! https://www.autocar.co.uk/car-news/industry/all-electric-mclaren-ultimate-series-cars-development http://thepropulsion.com/stories/mclaren-electric-car/ BC G

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What car would you like to see more of on Youtube

What car/s do you wanna see more off ? And why? some say my life revolves around , Mustaches , Lube and silk robbes , other say  I use BBQ Sauce as Cologne all I know is I'm HBK 

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What are some cars that should have never been made?

we've all seen them. You're drving down the street, minding your own business, and then suddenly you see something that you can never unsee. A Pontiac Aztec, a PT Cruzer, or even a Chevy SSR. As you pass you think why the fuck would anyone ever buy that ever? But ...

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What are these pants?

Anyone know where these grey pants are from? Shame its not on the store but I need to get some, thanks   no homo