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East Coast Defender Returns With New Project Dark Knight And Venture D110s - These are Badass!

East Coast Defender has made a name for itself by taking Land Rover Defenders and endowing them more power and classier interiors. The Florida-based company has returned with two new Defender D110s that utilize the same underpinnings, but couldn’t be more different. The two new SUVs include Project Venture, which ...

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Another Subaru WRX From ‘Baby Driver’ Is Being Sold

A second 2006 Subaru WRX stunt car used during the filming of Baby Driver will soon find its way into new hands when it is put up for auction by Mecum next month in Houston. Despite what you may be thinking, this WRX isn’t the same one which was sold ...

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    Various Front Grilles - $1,687 If the Portofino's standard front grille somehow isn't nice enough for you, Ferrari offers three alternate designs at a rather pricey $1,687. Buyers can choose to to have the grille's edges in shiny chrome or darker black chrome. For a different look, the entire ...

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Indiana State Trooper Hits 150 MPH To Chase Down Speeding Dodge Challenger Hellcat

The driver of a Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat gave Indiana State Police one of their fastest chases ever on Tuesday evening after a trooper spotted the high-performance muscle car flying down I-90 and was unable to catch up despite reaching speeds of 150 mph in his pursuit vehicle. But as the ISP's gloating news release titled ...

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Stabilizing/Appreciating Cars (Podcast Question?!?)

What cars do you guys think we can buy right now, enjoy for a few thousand miles, and sell for no loss or profit (holding for short term (6-12 months), and long term (2+ yrs)?

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Porsche gives us our best look yet at the production Mission E

It’s been more than two years since Porsche made the announcement to put its Mission E electric sedan concept into production. In that time we’ve managed to glean very little information regarding the production version. That changed Thursday when the German automaker released the first photos of the production model, ...

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Stunning MSO Spec McLaren P1 up for sale in Germany - Anyone got a spare $2.7million?

Details Year: 2014 Mileage: 980 km (609 mi) Power: 916 ps (683 kw) Gearbox: Dual Clutch Fuel type: Petrol Color: Black Car type: Coupe Drive: Lhd Engine: 8 Cylinder Drive train: Rwd Interior color: Black Condition: Used MSO painting carbon black matte MSO gloss black mirrors MSO MSO gloss black ...

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Imp. Next Podcast Question

what is your favourite sounding car?  Mine is CGT. 😍🔥

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Where I was before.

First of all I would like to thank Salomondrin for reacting such a big family on youtube and congratulations to him and his all team for the success he accomplished and many more to come.  I came here to US from a very wealthy family back in Pakistan. It was ...

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Tesla shareholders approve CEO Musk's $2.6 billion compensation plan

Excluding votes by Musk and his brother Kimbal, the measure passed with about 73 percent of votes cast.Shareholders of electric car company Tesla Inc approved a compensation package potentially worth $2.6 billion for Chief Executive Officer Elon Musk on Wednesday, though by a lower margin than U.S. CEOs typically receive ...

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Karlmann King Is A $3 Mill, Chinese F-550 Based, 6Tonne SUV, Folded Tank with Scarface Interior!

If you thought the upcoming Rolls-Royce Cullinan was instantly going to become the world’s most luxurious SUV, you probably never heard of, the Karlmann King. Designed by Chinese company IAT, the King is meant to offer you an exclusive experience unlike any other, which is why it would cost you ...