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New life gets breathed into Gumpert Between 2005 and 2012, a German supercar manufacturer called Gumpert built what is likely the most divisive of supercars, the Apollo.Now, the company is back, it’s dropped the unappealing Gumpert name, and says it will introduce a better-looking hypercar called the Apollo Intensa Emozione ...

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2018 Kia Stinger GT 3.3T AWD - Almost ready to scratch that sports-sedan itch.

HIGHS - Otherworldly value, strong performance, roomy cabin.   LOWS - Rough roads throw it about, missing the all-important driver/car connection.   We have to wonder if the team that developed the all-new Kia Stinger took that quote as their mantra, because it describes with uncanny precision the car they ...

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Rolls-Royce Thinks Hybrids Are Gauche, Will Electrify with Full EVs

Rolls-Royce has been dropping some very broad hints about electrification since its 102EX EV concept back in 2011, but the arrival of the new Phantom VIII—and the aluminum-spaceframe Architecture of Luxury that underpins it—gives the luxury brand a chance to move on its ambitions.CEO Torsten Müller-Ötvös has confirmed that the ...

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WTF car of the day

Here it is folks...todays WTF car of the day. Who needs carbon fiber when you have good old ply wood lmao

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Aston Martin Ponders Next Zagato; It Could Be DB11 Based

Aston Martin and Zagato have shared an enduring, nearly 60-year-long partnership that began with the DB4 and most recently included speedster and shooting-brake versions of the Vanquish.But the shooting brake was an altogether different story.We now have reason to believe that the creative partnership will carry on, extending next to ...

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2018 BMW M550i xDrive - M-like performance, but not M-like involvement.

HIGHS - Performance, refinement, equipment.   LOWS - Inert driving experience, unresolved ride, no steering feel.   The standard eight-speed automatic operates extremely well.Seeing an M badge on the rump of a BMW used to be unambiguous proof that you were looking at a pinnacle car, one of those lucky ...

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Steve McQueen’s Racing Suit and Helmet from Le Mans Movie Headed to Auction

You may not look like Steve McQueen, but if you have approximately half a million dollars to spend, you can dress like the late, great actor.RM Sotheby’s will be auctioning off the Hinchman racing suit and Bell helmet that McQueen wore in his famed film Le Mans.RM Sotheby’s estimates the ...

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Pair of Toyota Concepts Aim to Improve Mobility for Elderly and Disabled Drivers

Toyota unveiled the first Concept-i car at the CES technology show in January.The two-seat Concept-i Ride is a polished little pebble that’s nearly two feet shorter than Toyota’s iQ microcar.It runs an artificial-intelligence system that communicates with the driver by “stimulating the five senses.” It reads moods and engages in ...

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What would you pick if you could only spend 10k on 1 car.

Think back to your 20s if you only had 10k to buy a car what would it be and why? This would also be your only vehicle. 

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Kalashnikov, maker of the AK-47 assault rifle, is getting into the electric motorcycle game!

BUT they aren't the only Military Defence company getting in on the act!Let me know which you prefer Virginia-based 'Logos Technologies' announced last month that it has been awarded a second contract by the the Defense Advanced Research Project Agency to keep developing its hybrid-electric SilentHawk motorcycle called.....The SilentHawk!!!! (Coolest ...

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Should Ferrari build a N/A Performante fighter?

Comments your thoughts on should Ferrari build a N/A Performante fighter or should they go with a turbo option.