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Taking my girl on a 4 million dollar ride! *FINALLY*

My sexiest mofos! I was just watching this video and I guess a lot more than I thought happened: - I was finally able to take my girl out in the cars and put her on the vlog! - Found I out I need to get rid of some excess ...


Picking up my "NEW" BMW!! *WTF*

My holy sexy mofos! How did we end up becoming a BMW fucking channel!? hahahahaha I guess this is a big clue as to why :P PRO MEMBER ONGOING GIVEAWAYS: Gorilla Watch - October 15th (worldwide) Secret legendary car - November 15th (within the continental US) LATEST UPLOADS: https://goo.gl/YUYc0o



What's up my sexy badass mofos?! In today's episode: - Farghini gets arrested - Vik nearly kills me - and we are left with more problems to get fixed! Hope you enjoy!!! PRO MEMBER ONGOING GIVEAWAYS: Gorilla Watch - October 15th (worldwide) Secret legendary car - November 15th (within the ...


I’m Buying THIS CAR!!!

My Dearest Sexiest Mofos of all time! Today we had a full day: - I needed some fresh air to get my day started - But before I knew it our day took an Italian turn for the better! - And ended up getting a GET OUT OF JAIL FREE ...


Picking up MY NEW AMG GTR!

Good day to the sexiest mofos on earth! In today's vlog we finally: 1. Farghini and I find another thing we have in common 2. We get rejected from every dealership 3. Farghini gets to drive my new car I've never driven. Enjoy sexy mofos and remember: PRO MEMBER ONGOING ...


Can the Nismo GTR get you a hot wife!?

My sexy mofos! Today's Vlog is full of awesome: 1. I talk business to a camera 2. My squirrel doesn't leave me alone 3. And we found Farghini a wife!? but how?! Hope you enjoy and please let me know down in the comments if the results were as shocking ...


Taking delivery of MY NEW MCLAREN 720s!

Some will say it's clickbait... but those who know... will know ;) My sexy mofos! Today we: GOT MY 720S and some other shit happened, but fuck that... I got my 720s!!!!! Enjoy! PRO MEMBER ONGOING GIVEAWAYS: Gorilla Watch - October 15th Secret legendary car - November 15th To become ...


This is the Audi I need! *EXCITING AF!*

My sexiest Mofos! A very happy Tuesday to you! Let's get our day going with a vlog where: - Farghini and Pedro teach me what it's like to be a real American - I get some juice - Find the first potential car for our giveaway! If you would like ...


I can't have my Mclaren 720S!?! *devastated*

What's up my sexy mofos!? In today's vlog-tacular adventure, I got to do some things that people like Charlie Sheen don't get to do everyday... no, I'm not getting rid of any STD's, but today: - Farshad got decked out in Versace like a true Italian! - Went to pick ...


I HAVE TO COME CLEAN *emotional*

My dearest sexiest mofos! Today's vlog gets a little too deep... deeper than a Kardashian ass crack... - We find out the truth behind the man? - I kidnap Pedro - Vik makes manly look like a pussy Hope you enjoy! LATEST UPLOADS: https://goo.gl/YUYc0o


I bought my best friend a NEW HOUSE! *EMOTIONAL*

What's up you SMF's!? In today's vlog, we got: - Erica Schrull to teach us something about cats - I bought my best friend a new house - And Farghini finally knows what he wants! Follow Erica Schrull here: http://bit.ly/2fnB4nU