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  • Hellrazer409
    3 months ago 0 P-Nos Points
    @Belen it says you replied to a comment i left on here but i can no longer find the comment lol. i know im not that lit right now. anyways like i believe i said before this is awesome and we just need some sick color ways from Alejandro and its perfect. i think having #SVIPE logo on some hats is an incredible idea. it will cause more people to ask the question "what is #SVIPE?" and encourage people to explain what the SVIPE experience is and be able to bring them into the nation of car lovers. i love when people ask about the hats i bought from here because i get to show them the passion that Alejandro has for this. THANK YOU ALL FOR EVERYTHING
    • JoshRS
      3 months ago 0 P-Nos Points
      Me as well! I commented early on the post and I have a reply notification from Belen on this post, but neither my comment or Belen's reply. :(
  • Datfordfocus
    3 months ago 0 P-Nos Points
    Looks good! Do you have or plan to have any where everything is centered in the middle? possibly in a light blue?
  • geriko2k
    3 months ago 0 P-Nos Points
    I Kinda like it but the logo one is the hat everyone seems to ask me about. Some people know the SVIPE and some just ask what does it mean. I would like to see some throwbacks being reissued. I'm sure some fans such as myself missed out on some of your great hats.
  • Tylar571
    3 months ago 0 P-Nos Points
    I think this logo with the profile of the Step-Dad hat would be best. The current logo on the step-dad hat looks out of place, but this would be perfect for that.
  • foxglove
    3 months ago 0 P-Nos Points
    I like them. How about some none-full fronted hats (whatever that's called) .. I like a nice soft front. But like the design very much.
  • PrancingPony488
    3 months ago 0 P-Nos Points
    I like it, I wish we could get some FlexFit hats I hate the trucker old man plastic backs.
  • brianbehnejad
    3 months ago 0 P-Nos Points
    Love it a lot because it reminds me of the yeezy and that a wonderful thing cuz then you can match it and also Very simplistic and classic
  • 10156211666202268
    3 months ago 0 P-Nos Points
    like it
  • djtapia
    3 months ago 0 P-Nos Points
    love the fact that there is no green underbill.....yaaaasssss 👍
  • Mdevere18
    3 months ago 0 P-Nos Points
    I really like it, I will definitely have to get one when the right color combination comes out. I finally bought my first hat today when the black and electric blue Hurcules was in stock again. Kinda sad considering i have been following Ale for so long.
  • Azhomegrown
    3 months ago 0 P-Nos Points
    Love Em been seeing them in the vids and I hope I can get my hands on one soon!
  • 203Reb
    3 months ago 0 P-Nos Points
    we need a golf visor choice....not maroon, Buddy..... Rebel colors, red or blue.....
  • Rlara
    3 months ago 0 P-Nos Points
    When will all the other hats become available?
  • 1500488049986675
    3 months ago 0 P-Nos Points
    se ve mamalona, con su toque muy Chapo front style, color rojo vibrante y una tapa negra sin desentonar la línea elegante del color negro. 👍🏼
  • FerrariCEO
    3 months ago 2 P-Nos Points
    They look great