Salomondrin Salomondrin 06/16/2017 - 07:15pm

Let's Talk About Cars YO! Ep. 116

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    This week on #LTACY, we cover the following topics:

    - What is your DREAM OPTION on a car!?
    - Is there a resurgence of wagons in the US?
    - The Aston Martin Valkyrie is getting a new look!
    - Tesla Model X receives highest SUV crash test rating.
    - Tesla passes BMW in market cap value.
    - Our thoughts on the Richard Hammond & Rimac Concept_One crash.
    - Has the Holy Trinity hit the bottom of the market or will they fall further?!

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  • mross5460
    9 months ago 1 P-Nos Points
    The Trump impression should be a regular on all podcasts from now on!
  • herofrombosnia
    9 months ago 1 P-Nos Points
    Is it just me or its not working? Maybe its Pro only ? Heeelp