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First mod on my Audi Wagon.

A couple of people wanted some updates on mods I do to my Audi Wagon. So I got round to do my first couple of things to me Audi A4 Avant. Got myself a RS4 style grill and debadged. The back apart from the Audi badge which I've painted black....


If Ferrari do leave F1, What Manufacturer would you like see replace them?

It was a hot topic on the Latest episode of the podcast and although I don't believe Ferrari will quit, I thought it would cool to see what everyone thought would be a cool team to replace them.


Podcast Topic! : 1 year appreciation!

So I thought of a cool topic I'd like to hear people opinions on. Money is no object, you can buy any car and own it for 1 year and have to sell for the maximum profit. What would you pick and why? So basically, what car do you think...


what is the worst car from your favourite Car Manufacturer?

So title says it all. Thought I was a cool topic. I did it a while back but thought with the new format it might get some more response.


United Car Nation : What car do you drive?

So after the new app and a much larger community I thought it would work well with the whole #UCN movement to see what everyone drives. See what cool rides you all have or look to get in the near future


What will be the first production car to 300mph?

So there's a few contenders. You have the Chiron, One of the Koenigseggs, The new Hennessey Venom F5 or the Apollo Arrow or any others I may have missed.


Will Ron Burgundy make a cameo on the channel?

I think it's a no brainer


Salomondrin Exposed!

Just seen this on Belens Instagram story. I'm crying with laughter watching Alejandro flying to the floor on some skates, dressed as Ron Burgundy! It doesn't get better than that!


The New App Feedback.

Thought this post would be a great place for people that are starting to use the app could give from critical feedback about the new app so the team can use that to improve in the future. Nothing is more valuable than community input.


If the cars were yours, what colour would you have them?

Title says it all. You can pick one, two or all. See what tastes everyone has.

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Unused McLaren F1 to be sold. Predicted to shatter price record

The car in question is chassis no. 060 (of just 64 road-going F1s) that sports a Dandelion Yellow body color and an incredibly low mileage — just 148 miles (239 kilometers). The seller, UK-based Tom Hartley Jnr, claims the car is "the lowest mileage F1 in existence." The ad also...


Podcast Topic : Worst car from Favourite Manufacturer

Hey everyone! It's been a while! Thought of this topic and don't know if it's been bought up as I haven't been super active. So, what is the worst car from your favourite manufacturers? My personal answer is the Lamborghini Gallardo. I'm a huge lambo fanboy but the Gallardo just...