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haTMZ reporting: Quickest selling hat yet?! 🎃🎃

Damn, that was quick!

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Gorgeous Alfa Romeo QuadraFoglio!

Found this at my local Alfa dealer!   

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Neiman Marcus 2017 Fantasy Gift

Every year, Neiman Marcus puts out an insane lookbook for the Christmas season. In it, there is a section devoted to very exclusive, very expensive "fantasy gifts". There always is one car section with previous ones being special Ferraris and the like. This year, it is a pair of his...


[MyNextDaily] Ford Transit w/ LennyTheGeeza

Subscribe to STG: http://bitly.com/SubToSTG We were supposed to be reviewing his Volkswagen Golf R, but instead, LennyTheGeeza showed up in an MSRT Ford Transit, so we went for a drive and discussed what he thinks could be my perfect next daily. You can follow Lenny here; https://www.instagram.com/lennythegeeza/ Thanks to MSRT...


haTMZ i.e. BoldCars has gone Pro lol

So, I bit the delicious bullet and signed up for pro. Alejandro is making this place more and more amazing and I want to be a part of ALL of it!


haTMZ reporting: Halloween Edition!! 🎃🎃

Get this creepy and cool hat from the merch store now! Black hat with an orange stitched logo and green underbill! 🎃🎃🦇🦇


haTMZ reporting: Black hat, silver decal (not stitched) and green underbill!

Is the top left corner of this new type svipe logo already peeling though 🤔🤔


Why California's Musical Road Sounds Terrible

In Lancaster, California, there's a musical road. When you drive over it, it plays the William Tell Overture. Unfortunately, it's out of tune. Here's why. Thanks to David Simmons-Duffin, who figured this out about nine years ago: http://davidsd.org/2008/12/honda-needs-a-tune-up/ -- he seems to be the first to have figured out not...


Congrats to Alejandro and his Giants! Haha

It's about fucking time! Lol


haTMZ Concept!! Lamborghini Perfromante Hat!

Credit goes to AdamSpeed!! So many people have begged for the 730S hat to come back and we all know that it ain't happening. BUT!! There is another italian beast in the Salomondrin garage now, the Performante! So here is my really shitty mockup that I hope Alejandro sees and...


Testing the new features

Some comments seem to be going through on some posts. And I have even seen one comment with an image to it.


Emergency Bug! Not being able to post new comments.

So it seems as if Alejandro was trying to give us the ability to submit pictures as comments (awesome!). But it seems to have stopped allowing any new comments to be posted. Anyone else seeing this?