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Community pole!! Would you drive a Manual or an Automatic? Depending on the car of course!!

Depending on a car of course!! If you would drive a manual what car would you choose to drive? If you would choose an Automatic what car would you want do drive in an Automatic?


I bought two G wagons? Good morning you sexy mofos!!

Nah of course not!! Good morning you sexy mofos


Good News: I made my Urus configuration Bad News: I don't know how much it costs

I know about the X7 but come on I want to use my blinkers like everyone else!!


Would you choose an X5 or an RS7?


Did Alejandro forget to speak English? No English Vlogs anymore?

I am craving for some vlogs


This is how the RICHEST travel! (New Vlog)

Join us on Day 2 of Goldrush Rally in San Francisco as we closed down the Golden Gate Bridge for all of our cars!!! HELP US BECOME THE FIRST CHANNEL WITH 1 BILLION SUBSCRIBERS - https://goo.gl/Qa85Ri Ale's #OOTD - https://goo.gl/PY2g9T For more info and to redeem your P-Nos Points go...


Let's talk about the future yo!!


Is it too late?

Thanks FastFlores!!