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Bonhams Mclaren F1

Holly shit!!!! So epic can't believe I'm able to see this sexy beast up close!! Words can't explain how epic this machine is. LOT 73 🏆 How much did you think she would sell for? Would you buy her for today's selling price of $14.2M? What other car compares to...


Lucid motors

Wow!! I was on my way to work and seen this beautiful fucking car and turned around to snap some pics. Of course I was decked out in Salomondrin gear, they asked me what company do you represent?, I see the logo all over you? I said Salomondrin.com, it's a...

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Karting in the BayArea

The full enchilad 🏎💨Go-Kart racing was fucking amazing with salomondrin and the guys!!. If there is any doubt that these guys are not who they seem to be, put that shit to rest now!! These are 3 truly humble and extraordinary guys that care about us all, yes even farshad.😜 ...

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Meet up in Fremont

Ayyyyyyy ovahhh heeee,  What time are some homies bout to arrive??... 4 or5 pm... Should we get a pre fade meet up going?  I'm near in Hayward if y'all need a quick pit stop and do some last touch up to cars then ride out.. get there and pre fade...

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Cannabis meets?

Who is down to start a Mofo's "Blaze Up" meet once a month in Nor cal... in So cal as well just alternate every month.. that also adds a little road miles with fellow Mofos to vibe out together and really enjoy the car life together 🏎🛠🏈🍕.. P.s this would...